About the Fefes Adventure Collective

10 years ago, Demetri and I started talking about living abroad for a year.  Where would we go? How would we do it?  What would we do there? Five years ago, we had a 2 ½ year old and a newborn, and set a goal to make it happen in 2017 – the kids would be old enough to remember it and young enough not to have insurmountable conflicts — sports, school, friends, bad attitudes. In 2014, we realized that Greece should be our destination; Demetri’s dad is from Athens, we have cousins here we love and want to know better, and our kids were really interested in their heritage.  We spent the next few years working the plan, and we left home when school ended in June 2017.

The Fefes Adventure Collective is a combination of travelogue, food diary, scrapbook and family journal.

All photos are ours except when noted.

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