Purge, pack, repeat: June 8-23

Demetri is running fast to get his business even more mobile than it is already.  How he’s incorporated technology and efficiency into his one person business is astounding.  Google Voice, Asana, Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, Virtual Post Mail, Scan Snap, Venmo, Zelle … you really can work anywhere without an ounce of paper.  And with solid thinking and planning, you can get your business to a point where you can live elsewhere. He’s thinking of writing about how to do it. I’ll link when he does.

I know I’m not the first to utter this … I don’t know how we accumulated all this STUFF.  Our house is tidy enough and I am amazed that aforementioned stuff is EVERYWHERE. We sold furniture, donated toys/clothing/gear, recycled electronics … and packed most of the rest.  We sold both the cars and rented our house to a super nice family who was looking for a furnished place.  We flew to Los Angeles to visit the Greek Consulate with our visa applications and a binder with all required visa materials.  It was a 300 page, numbered and color-coded coded masterpiece; sadly the visa bequeather did not appreciate the stellar organization (and thank you Mom, Amy, Allison, Susan, Valerie, Andrea, Erin & Becky who did oooh and ahhh as I’d hoped the consulate would.). We left LA with our visas in hand and a side trip to Legoland under our belts.

Back in Denver, we rented a nifty storage unit about 5 minutes away for the stuff that our renters wouldn’t use. These indoor units are immaculate – dust free, shiny floors, locks that don’t get stuck, huge but manageable carts to transport items from car to unit.  Demetri took great care in organizing our unit that it reminds me of the little apartment showrooms at Ikea – camping stuff here, boxes of clothes there, artfully bubble wrapped frames and bicycles all lined up neatly.  Those shiny floors were extra fun for the boys who tooled around the building on their scooters with each load.

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