Greek life

Welcome to the neighborhood

Meet Papou (Greek for “Grandpa”) – Demetri’s dad, biggest chpapouampion and most recently serving as both Owner’s Rep and GC on our apartment in Voula, a little town on the water south-ish of Athens. Papou’s real name is Panagiotis, and he goes by Peter in the US and Takis in Greece, just like his red-headed grandson.  He and Sandy  (Demetri’s stepmom) have been living here since February 2016. Papou and his sisters spent summers here as kids when the only thing besides the beaches was a hospital.  Now it has a lovely little town square with restaurants, groceries, bakeries, and boutiques.  We live a block from the square, a block from the ocean and a floor below Papou and Sandy! We had been looking nearby (i.e., Glyfada, a bigger city just up the road) so we could be close to them, but being downstairs is like a dream come true. Michael and Peter love having them right upstairs.  Our first morning here they took plates and croissants (all previously purchased by Sandy) upstairs to ask Papou for a side of eggs and to eat on their veranda. Demetri’s aunt had an apartment on the first floor that now belongs to cousins Jim and Melina. It might not be Windsor, Kennebunkport or Hyannis, but doesn’t “Fefes Family Compound” have a nice ring to it?



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