A Nobu by any other name is just as sweet

Demetri and I were married 12 years ago today.  The heat has been fierce the last few days  — 39, 41, 43 degrees (98-103 Farenheit!) The ‘sea’ as the Greeks call it, is at the end of our street, so today we grabbed goggles, towels and shoes and walked right down. The water is already so warm that you’re glad for the pockets of cool water that find you every so often.  We swam for a while, found some shade under a tree and then walked home. Cousin Theodoris came to visit for a while, and Papou and Sandy offered to babysit the boys tonight – they walked to the square for dinner and ice cream.  First, however, Papou drove us on our date; very reminiscent of a high school dance.  Demetri and I had a really lovely dinner at Matsuhisa Athens, which lucky for us is not in Athens, but rather in Vouliagmeni, the next town over and about 10 minutes away.  It opened earlier this Spring. The restaurant sits on the water and the cocktail special was a watermelon martini – perfect for a day when you honestly believe you’re melting right where you stand.  We tried a bit of everything including the signature black cod with miso – a recipe that appears in a lot of magazines and on a lot of menus, but if I understood right, was invented by Nobu Matsuhisa himself.

Twelve years has gone by in the bwatermelon martininslink of an eye.  We first came to Greece together in 2006 for a delayed honeymoon. While I imagined all kinds of adventures when we were first engaged and planning our life together, I could have never imagined that we’d be doing something like this.  Demetri is the smartest, funniest, most intentional person I know.  Everything he does is in the name of our family and we all owe this grand (the grandest!) adventure to him.


4 thoughts on “A Nobu by any other name is just as sweet”

  1. I’m just catching up with your posts, Kristen, and I love them! Tears of happiness for you 2 + 2. Happy belated anniversary. Hoping every day is this good!

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