Greek life

Friday Night Lights

We took our first jaunt into Athens proper tonight to see the Akropoli (Acropolis) with the full moon.  We drive to the subway station in Glyfada and then take the train into the city.  The Athens subway is beautiful – the 2004 Olympics infused a lot of money in to Greece’s infrastructure and the subway stations in the old city were renovated to look like museums, with antiquities (friezes, pottery, sculpture) in glass cases in the stations.  We walked along the theater, through Thesion where we stopped for dinner at a very hip rooftop place, and then decided to have dinner instead in Monasteraki where psistariás abound – some of which are more than 100 years old. (With two exhausted kids, this would be faster than a rooftop hipster joint, though I do want to go back there for mezetas!).  It’s an understatement to say the view did not disappoint.

We spent Sunday in Marathon (26.2 miles from Athens, naturally) with cousins Anna, Vasillis, Giorgos and Katerina (or as the boys call her, Baby Katerina).  Giorgos is the same age as Michael and Katerina is almost 3, so not at all a baby, but … she was a baby when we met her and the boys needed a way to decipher Anna’s mom Katerina from Anna’s daughter Katerina.  We swam at the beach in Marathon and then had dinner together.  We all had a great day, maybe our best yet. We left early – 7 pm – to avoid the beach traffic that starts around 9.  Early flight to Milos Monday!

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