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Tyler arrives

Tyler arrived August 6.  He’s the highlight of the boys’ summer – the anticipation of his visit has been SO big. He left Denver mid-May to spend the summer at home in NY where he had a great job with a construction company where he got internship credits toward his civil engineering degree.  He came to Greece for his last 12 days of summer before he returns to Denver for his third year at MSU.  He’ll be in university housing (apartments) across from the convention center downtown.  Michael and Peter could barely (ok, couldn’t) contain themselves standing outside of the baggage claim doors.  Tyler walked through and scooped them up in one effortless motion and I thought they were going to strangle him they were hugging so hard.

We spent his first night in Greece in the Voula square – his first meal request was Kontosouvli, basically a tender, grilled pork with herbs and served with (of course) French fries. One of the psistarias in the square, Masati, does this dish very well, and they even have a chicken version.

After a proper night’s sleep, we took ourselves and Katerina to swim Monday afternoon.  It’s been unusually hot for August – 40ish – so the water is absolutely the best place to be. August 7 marked the full moon – this month, the moon is the closest to earth that it gets all year, so much of Greece turns this night into a party.  From Marathon to Plaka, there are full moon celebrations and parties.  In Monasteraki and Plaka and Theseion, the old parts of Athens, many antiquities were open late and free to the public.  Thodoris met us and we ate street food on the go and had a great walk through Athens.  Papou showed us his boy scout club building which was right across from the Theater of Herodeus Atticus on the Acropolis. We arrived home at midnight; 845 flight Tuesday to Rhodes. Can’t seem to get to bed early no matter what.


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