We had a hiatus from Greek school last week so Demetri spent 4 days in Lisbon. He fell in love with it.  It’s a vibrant city where the tapas are better than Spain, the seafood is better than Greece and the coffee and pastries are better than Italy.  Food and drinks were super cheap and super fabulous.

It rained cats and dogs his first full day there, but the rest of the week was sunny and warmer than Athens was.  He planned to walk and run through the (very) hilly city and he logged something like 10 miles a day.  He loved the Time Out Market, which is a combination of a traditional market and a food hall.

He took a day trip Day trip to Sintra, a great town in the mountains with five or six castles and palaces.  He toured Pena Palace – by far the ugliest palace in all of Europe. The park behind it, however, was fantastic and had some of the largest Cypress trees he’s ever seen and plant varieties brought in from all over the world. The town was a very neat & medieval looking, with a weird mix of Moorish and Hapsburg design.

Lisbon is a great city with amazing food, design, music and people who are all out to mingle. The bonus was how affordable everything is, and compared to Greece that’s really saying something.


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